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Too Controversial For YouTube


This external hard drive contains 1,250 videos from the past 10 years of YouTube. Many of these videos were censored, and some were even banned. Now you can have access to all of these videos in high definition. There are even a number of videos on this hard drive which were never uploaded to YouTube because of their controversial nature. 

The initial cost of these external hard drives is approximately $70.00. The remaining cost of $230.00 dollars divided by 1,250 videos, comes out to just $0.18 cents per video! Show me any other ministry that offers high definition videos for only $0.18 cents each. Your purchase of this hard drive will help us to finance future projects, which will educate the saved, and get the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the lost world.

DISCLAIMER: By purchasing this hard drive, you are agreeing to keep the contents of it OFFLINE. Sharing copies of these videos with people OFFLINE is allowed. No re-uploading to the internet will be allowed, unless written permission is granted from King James Video Ministries beforehand.

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