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Reply KT
5:01 PM on March 18, 2015 
The video you have on the King James Bible was really fantastic! I saw it on Sermonaudio. I have a question. Who was the lady toward the end of the video talking about authority? You have in the text Phyllis but you don't say who she is beyond that.
Reply Scott Ward
8:58 AM on March 15, 2015 
Watched your video on the Trinity: Body, Soul, & Spirit. It was very good. I learned a few things as well. Thank you for putting that together. Again, it was very well done.
Reply Erik muzzy
5:50 PM on March 14, 2015 
Don't let YouTube get you down. There are other video sites that you can upload to. Vimeo for example. They have an app for mobile as well as a large presence online. If you let everyone know then they could just switch over to whatever site you use. I like Sermonaudio but only Christians use it. Just some thoughts for you.
10:01 AM on March 11, 2015 
lots of good men are on facebook

dave hunt pastor charles lawson

there is kjv only sites on facebook too

I pray that you would set up on facebook its no different than evil youtube and google
facebook at least you can post and share and tons of people do tons of work on there.

I have followed you for such along time,

i like scottie clarke but you cant tell him kjv only
which is very frusterating

but i love pastor charles lawson,, kjv only
pastor rick jordan kjv only has some gifts

etc etc
I love your passion and your desire, for the word to go out

but consider facebook i think you would get a huge audience
I have posted tons of your videos on facebook and people share them all over


ontario canada
Reply David Hall
7:34 AM on March 11, 2015 
Great teaching!

May we use every tool at our disposal to win the lost and help Christians to stay in the race.
Reply William Runde;;
10:11 AM on March 9, 2015 
Video on Post trib, God being a just God that will not pour our wrath on his own.
It was the best message against Post trib I have heard.

As you stated the Post Trib. belief makes God to be unjust in his dealing with humanity,
People with this view that expect God to punish the righteous, is something spiritually wrong with them.

Jesus took our sin to the cross to be paid for. Jesus paid the price for us.
My life has been changed because of this video.
We need not fear our loving God. He provided freedom from the law of sin and death.

All that call upon the name of the lord, shall be saved.
Reply Peter tsitsopoulos
2:15 PM on March 8, 2015 
Hello Brother Brian, My name is Peter and I love my kjb.I'm Greek and Just ordered the 1894 scrivener T.R.because I was looking for a Greek n.t. Brother Brian did I order the right Greek n.t? God bless you richly Bro.Brian your Brother in CHRIST JESUS OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR. AMEN.
Reply Johnny
3:35 AM on March 3, 2015 
Hi I was wondering if you have read or heard of The Messianic Church Arising. A couple from my church is doing a bible study/home church on it. There have been a few things in the book that have rubbed me the wrong way such as women should be allowed to teach. I'm a relatively new Christian still in my teens so I don't really knowledge in the word. Though I was reading a NIV bible only to find out I should be reading KJV. I will do some research on my own, but it seems the more I delve into any new movements it's very hard to find the few true answers I am looking for. Nevertheless I know I will always have that unified standard that's is God's word to guide me. Thank you. God bless.
Reply Randy Sanger
5:55 PM on February 28, 2015 
I would like to be a member. I am a King James only bible believing Christian. Brother Bryon, The Lord has blessed me greatly with your ministry.
Reply Ting Him Choi
10:45 PM on February 25, 2015 
I am now starting to do the Chinese King James Bible Ministries, and try to translate some of the Bryan Denlinger's sermons and studies into Chinese (Traditional). Wish the work of King James Video Ministries can also bless the Chinese churches.

Chinese King James Bible Ministries Website:
Reply Nils and Carol
11:57 PM on February 22, 2015 
What a blessing to have found your ministry.

Request. Could you PLEASE make a video sermon on Why Some Can't Receive Him. A. W. Tozer did a fantastic job but it's hard to hear his voice...

A.W. Tozer Sermon - Holy Spirit: Why Some can't Receive Him

Many blessings to you and yours.
Reply Glenn York
3:54 AM on February 21, 2015 
Jason G says...
Free online Holy Bible (KJV AV)


Thank you so much for this information. This should a great help to quickly access scriptures that I cannot remember where they are.
Peace be unto you.
Reply Glenn York
3:19 AM on February 21, 2015 
Bryan Denlinger, I have learned much from your videos and teachings. I want to say thank you. It is very difficult to find real preachers/teachers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and on sound biblical doctrine. You are a blessing to me. I pray for you, your wife and your ministry that you will be protected, blessed, and prospered enough to provide for what is needful for the body,ie, food, water, shelter, clothes, etc. I also pray that God will let you continue doing your videos.
I live in the suburbs of St. Louis and as many churches as there are here I have not been able to find one to attend regularly. I still try occasionally. I went to my nieces Christmas performance at the church building she goes to, (she is 12) because she was singing a duet and I wanted to show her that I love her and be there. However, after the show they had the Lords supper but it seemed foreign to me. I have taken communion many times in the past and it was never like this. They had one big glass of grape juice and one container of bread cubes. The pastor held the glass of juice in his two hands and every person that came up dipped their bread in the juice and at the same time he(the pastor) said something like, "the body and blood of Christ given for you", I have never been to a catholic church nor done the eucarist thing but I got a bad feeling that this was actually a catholic mass. In the past, (a decade at least) they always gave the individual tiny cups of juice and a tiny cracker, and they waited until everyone had theirs before eating and drinking. They also would pray first, (I think)and then say something like, (I am doing my best to remember correctly) repeating Jesus' words to his disciples at the last supper and always, "this do in remembrance of me". Not ever one man holding the juice as if blessing it and saying those same words,(the body and/or the blood of Christ given for you). Also, is it supposed to be un leavened bread? Hence the cracker I was used to? This one used regular bread cut into little pieces, it had yeast in it. Does this matter?
Can you tell me from my description if this sounds like it was a catholic mass/Eucharist ceremony? The church is called Gateway and I think it was Gateway Church of Nazarene, but they might only go by Gateway now.
This stuff is all so confusing and I KNOW there is much deception going on. The church I went to in the 1980s I just saw on FB that they are having an ash Wednesday thing where they put ashes in a cross on peoples forehead and are also doing lent, I don't know much about these catholic things but you appear to have looked into it extensively. Can you please help and answer my questions in email or even a video would be super if the LORD leads you to do so. I asked God the same question and He has showed me soo much. He led me to your videos and a couple of other preachers and while I have yet to find any preacher that I agree with 100 percent on everything, you and the (very) few others I trust and agree with the majority of doctrine you teach and the KJV bible is the final authority, which to me is right and true. There is no other way. God doesn't send us prophets like he did Israel, the apostles are long dead in body and what we have left for us, in the church age of grace is their writings and the Old Testament., the Holy Ghost bears witness with my spirit when I read my KJB that this is the truth ,testifying to it just as Jesus said he would, "testify and lead us into all truth". Praise God!
I understand that you are very busy and l realize that you are very busy with many ministry related things, If you can answer my questions about the communion, Lords Supper things, I would greatly appreciate it as I respect and trust your opinion. I realize that this may take some time because of sheer volume. Thank you very much, God bless you and your family,
ps, feel free to email me any response, announcements, inquiries or newsletters.
Reply Scott
7:57 AM on February 18, 2015 
Pray God doesn't lift HIS hands off America until after the rapture of the TRUE church. PRE-Rapture... Sodomites are taking over and its absolutely SICK. The devil is busy knowing ITS time is up.

First Ever Male Same-Sex Ceremonial Kiss to mark homecoming of submarine USS San Francisco

Great ministry, Bryan. Blessings
Reply Tim B
7:11 AM on February 18, 2015 
Keep up the good work. We truly enjoy this ministry and the way you both
(all) expose the false teachers globally.

The Road To Sodom Is Paved With Lies (Eleventh Hour News)

God bless

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