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Reply Richard
7:47 PM on April 30, 2015 
Its difficult in these last days to find sound Biblical teaching. I especially like your teaching on Pre-Tribulation Rapture. May the living God continue to Bless you and yours.
Reply Charlie
2:43 PM on April 27, 2015 
many times i heard Gods word from Bryan Delinger ,
and want to say a big thank you
kind regards
Charlie and Family
Reply nicklas nilsson
6:15 AM on April 27, 2015 
what is the e-mejl address to king james ministres

send the answer to

thxs nicklas
Reply Michael
7:52 PM on April 24, 2015 
Hello. I was watching the videos from husky394xp and I was wondering if he could email me. I hope you have the time. My email is
Reply Bryan
9:36 PM on April 19, 2015 
Is Peter Ruckman really racist?
Reply Karl
5:27 PM on April 19, 2015 
Do you have a postion on where Christian children should be educated? Is public school OK?

Thank you.
Reply Gregory Brusstar
3:28 PM on April 4, 2015 
Why is the KJV and NKJV not the true word. I am trying to honestly follow God with all my heart.
Reply Randy Sanger
4:39 PM on April 1, 2015 
I had requested to be considered a member of your fellowship and have not heard from you as of yet. Will you please contact me concerning this?
Reply Mark
3:45 PM on March 31, 2015 
In the Wikipedia entry for King James, there's a section that says that King James, although married to a woman, was gay. Now the Church of England wasn't really about forgiveness, and this certainly wasn't a time of higher moral standards, that much is certain. It makes sense to me that the Church wielded its ultimate authority over King James (read: allowed him to remain living) when they agreed to allow him to have male suitors in exchange for commissioning the bible. The entire entry about him doesn't even focus much on his commissioning of it, and it appears that he didn't care about it. Is this true? I think this is logical.
Reply Joshua_Paul_Baker
10:27 AM on March 31, 2015 
Is there any good resources for the sacred names movement? I see different publishers putting out Jerusalem bibles (I know that is fake), but what about those publishers who put out "King James Bibles" with the names of God in them. They will replace God with Elohim and LORD with YHVH (and other spellings). I have heard scholars such as James White use the term Yahweh and other "Scholars" have used that name rather than the King James renderings. I do not doubt the Kings James AT ALL, but I would like to know where I can find good information from a KJBB perspective. Does Dr. Ruckman have any teachings on this or Sam Gipp or David Daniels? I will take anything, but as you well know, it is quite the challenge to find much KJV only material by scholars who actually believe the KJB. Thanks, Bryan! Keep up the good work.
Reply Chris
9:42 AM on March 29, 2015 
Thanks for your efforts and insight Brian.
Quick question if you ever get time or inclination to answer...
Is it right for a Christian to give money to homeless people if that Christian knows they are being used, or to put it another way, is it right for a Christian to refuse to give money to the poor if they do not want to hear the gospel of refuse to get saved (or if they say what they think you want to hear, but don't really believe and just want money)?
Hope you get chance to answer.
God's blessing to you and your wife.
Reply Logan
12:41 AM on March 29, 2015 
1. Could you explain your approach to taking notes and highlighting in your bible. The different color highlighting, for example. I can't get myself to write in my bible...tho maybe I should;.I'm wondering what your approach is.
2. You said preachers should just speak in their normal voice. I agree being pretentious or dressing up our speech is bogus, but at the same time I question your blanket judgment...because maybe a man's gift is in big, bold proclamation....I've been watching your videos....and your ministry is a godsend btw....I watched your kjv documentary....your scholarship and ability to create that kind of material is a gift. A lot of work, but also a gift. One man might be gifted in preaching along the lines of Spurgeon or the like.
You are right to warn against assuming that though. I don't know, I just know that listening to readings of Spurgeon's sermons has been incredibly important to my growth in the current climate of preaching....he was not just talking in his 6inch voice or whatever.
I agree on not being obnoxious. You're right mostly.
3. I'm ordering from LOCALCHURCH tonight. Thanks for the tip, Thank you for your ministry, the content, and Godbless.
Reply KT
5:01 PM on March 18, 2015 
The video you have on the King James Bible was really fantastic! I saw it on Sermonaudio. I have a question. Who was the lady toward the end of the video talking about authority? You have in the text Phyllis but you don't say who she is beyond that.
Reply Scott Ward
8:58 AM on March 15, 2015 
Watched your video on the Trinity: Body, Soul, & Spirit. It was very good. I learned a few things as well. Thank you for putting that together. Again, it was very well done.
Reply Erik muzzy
5:50 PM on March 14, 2015 
Don't let YouTube get you down. There are other video sites that you can upload to. Vimeo for example. They have an app for mobile as well as a large presence online. If you let everyone know then they could just switch over to whatever site you use. I like Sermonaudio but only Christians use it. Just some thoughts for you.

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