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Reply David
12:12 AM on July 29, 2014 
We truly enjoy your channel (ministry). Hats off to both of you.

Video suggestion on these wackos listed below. ty

1. Michelle Obama is a man. "Drag Queen!"

2. Serena Williams and Michelle Obama is a Man ? Joan Rivers: Obama is gay, Michelle is a tranny. She and her sister are indeed two MEN.

Keep up the good work.
Reply Abby
3:46 AM on July 23, 2014 
I am a new Christian and I find myself spiritually fed when I watch your videos in a household that pick and choose what they want from a corrupt Bible. I asked God for someone to guide me and lead me deeper into the Word and he led me to this Ministry on youtube. It is good to have a a strong Man of God that reads from the TRUE WORD just a few clicks away.
Reply Bob Carnahan
9:40 PM on July 20, 2014 
Just wanted to say that the more I watch your videos the more blessed I am. Keep up the good work of the Lord. May the Lord bless your ministry abundantly.

In Christ alone!

Reply William Mitchem
12:34 AM on July 18, 2014 
I would like to take the time to say , thank you for your videos . I find them informative and uplifting .
I have a Niv study bible that I carried since 2002 . After watching your videos I went to work and "yes it's all true . I went out and purchased my own KJB and at 54 years of age I do find it the inspired word of God . As of now I have a Thompson Chain study bible . My eyes have been opened by God and your work . Keep up the great work that you do .
Thank you,
William G Mitchem
Reply Christopher J.E. Johnson
11:11 AM on July 15, 2014 
Greetings to my brother in Christ. I wanted to ask you a personal question whenever you've got a few moments. As I told you when I wrote you last year, we put your channel up on our youtube channel and your website up on our website. Because of this, another brother in Christ sent me a video of concern, and I wanted to give you a fair opportunity to defend yourself on this one. (It's about 10 minutes long, you're welcome to send me a response to the entire video if you'd like.)

As someone who does live broadcasts myself, I can understand occasional slips of the tongue, or a way I could have phrased things better. ('cause I'm not a very good speaker) That's why I wanted to give a little grace on this issue, and also allow you the opportunity to speak on the matter.

The guy who made the video, in my opinion, didn't explain himself very well, nor did I think he handled himself very well at the end of the video, but he did show some things of legitimate concern towards the end. What I am specifically referring to is someone "losing their eternal security" which the video producer is correct, that's an oxy-moron, or contradictory concept.

I'd just like to hear it from you personally, if you're willing to write it out to me, a quick overview position you have on salvation. Also, what is your understanding of false converts in Scripture?

I pray this letter does not seem "Inquisitor-esque," (I made up a word - LOL ) so I wanted to also provide our position on these matters in case you are curious. But those will take some time to go through, so I doubt you'll want to (or have) time to spend on it.
Do Christians Sin?
Is Repentance Necessary for Salvation?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer my inquiry. May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you and your family with all your needs throughout the coming week.
Reply Gabi Evans
2:05 AM on July 11, 2014 
I just want to say thank you for posting videos about the bible versions. I became a christian 6 years ago and the NIV turned me away from Jesus. I could not accept it. I kept thinking that I don't want to serve this God. I kept saying I think the bible is corrupted, but nobody would agree with me. The bible sat on my shelf and I would not touch it. When Jesus called me back, I said how can I be a christian without a bible? And I found a website promoting the KJV 1611 and bought the 400th anniversary edition. Then I found you brother Brian and your videos on the bible issue was like wow, my feelings were correct! Funny how people using the new versions attack me. I absolutely do not understand how they like it. Now I love reading my bible, it all makes sense. Thank you again for sharing, I like doing bible study with you and do not trust anyone who uses other versions. Thank you for having the guts to preach what other preachers won't touch with a 10 foot pole :)
Reply Paul
6:22 PM on July 10, 2014 
If I could just meet one....just one practitioner of "house" church who was not arrogant in rejecting any other strain of Christianity I would probably be more accepting of it. But I have yet to meet one. I have no problem with a church meeting in a house....none at all, but the reverse cannot be said. As a Pauline Christian that attitude makes me very skeptical. If a man abuses funds he is wrong. If a man takes an excessive salary he is wrong. If a church builds a building that strains the congregation they are wrong. If a church ignores missions in favor of a facade they are wrong. But that is not usually the case. Of course the same can be said of "house" churches. If your congregation in your house mimics ANYTHING that happens in a church, by your own judgment and definition you are wrong. That would be in Matthew. What is really funny about this whole thing is that your videos so resemble IFB media that it is difficult to tell them apart. And you err in the same way. It's funny and sad at the same time. It reminds me of Mark Driscoll. He has so tried to separate himself from fundamentalism that he has become the new Phil Kidd. When you obssess over an enemy you begin to take on their characteristics. That has definitely happened here. You seem like a bright guy. I hope you find some peace. Cheers.
Reply Paul
6:18 PM on July 10, 2014 
I caught a few videos on my Roku. I am most interested in your fascination with IFB. Why are you so interested in an almost completely socially irrelevant denomination to the point that you would limit your ministry to target an increasingly shrinking separatist congregation? I also find it interesting that a person who does not believe in taking salary and building earthly ministries would have a series of discipleship videos on a site that accepts donations. Your lack of logic in these two areas leads me to question not only your motivation but your effectiveness and ability as well. Honestly, you seem to be a deeply wounded individual. I hope you find peace, but I am at the bottom of my bag of popcorn now so I will have to turn off the entertainment.

For what it's worth, I agree with the mega-church criticism. There is far too much attention paid to the facade. But to be honest, the teaching in the Bible is that of communal fellowship and worship. The fact that you have fixated on the word "house" is evident that you have little interest in the larger theme. For instance, I can start a church in my house, but to be honest it will probably be structured very similarly to a church, much like yours is I am sure. There will be prayer, someone will lead everyone in Bible study, people will donate for printed materials, and there might even be some singing. The building has no impact on that. Then people might donate some money so that I can replace the floor or build an addition. Maybe they will donate to buy books or Bibles. You have attempted to interject modern context into an ancient text, the very thing that you accuse everyone else of doing. The same mistake is made with "door-to-door" evangelism. That was unique to that culture. Trying to reconcile modern America culture and an ancient text is sometimes complicated like that. Since the Renaissance, most western cultures have been fixated on public facilities (it actually goes back to Roman and Greek culture but what was the Renaissance but a revival of the two). The Jewish culture, especially under Roman rule, was a house culture, and in many places it still is. That is why your interpretation of "house" and the other "door-to-door" is misguided. The gospel should exist within the culture it is presented. That is exactly what Paul taught. So, while some may be comfortable as a church that meets in a house, some may not. But at the end of the day they meet in a building. And even churches that meet in a house (Geez) usually restructure the interior to accommodate. Honestly, what is the difference?

I too am from the IFB. Much like you I used to get frustrated with the movement. But really all they are doing is trying to reconcile their culture with the gospel. There is nothing in the text that prohibits meeting in a separate building. Paul did not even imply that such a notion was wrong. There is nothing in the text that prohibits singing. There is nothing in the text that prohibits an alter. Yet because many of these things are the direct result of cultural influence you have labeled them as being apart from a Pauline gospel. But therein lies the problem. We have VERY little information to go on. We have literally less than a hundred or so pages of text that sheds light on particulars with the "first" church. The Pauline epistles were simply attempts to provide some sort of structure to a scattered and unstable population of believers who guessed it.....trying to reconcile their own culture with a new branch of Judaism. Paul wrote a lot about it. The church was very divided on the particulars and Paul was OK with that as long as everyone was respectful. How else could Jews and Gentiles get along?
Reply John Bray
10:59 AM on June 24, 2014 
I obtained a video in 2011 that I do not currently see in the video listing. Can you check your records of videos shipped on 8.8.2011 to zip 32533?

Thank You,
Reply kingjamesvideoministries
4:56 PM on June 23, 2014 
Hi Brother John,

I tried to edit my links page a month or so ago, and I ended up deleting the whole thing by accident. I have been trying to remember all of the links, and I guess I forgot yours. Thank you for the reminder. Your website is back on the links page. :)

In Christ Jesus,


John Davis says...
Hi Bryan, I've noticed that you have removed Time for Truth! from your links section & I was just wondering why? Have we upset you at all?
Just curious Bryan.
Every blessing
John TfT!
Reply John Davis
4:42 PM on June 23, 2014 
Hi Bryan, I've noticed that you have removed Time for Truth! from your links section & I was just wondering why? Have we upset you at all?
Just curious Bryan.
Every blessing
John TfT!
Reply Ann
11:14 PM on June 20, 2014 
I live in Winchester, VA. How do I find a Church that teaches the bible (KJV)?
Reply Jack
7:53 AM on June 17, 2014 
I've been trying to donate to your ministry but it seems that this e-mail address no longer exists to which the paypal account is also linked to.
Please Bryan, e-mail me your new e-mail address.
Reply Chad Meidl
12:02 PM on June 15, 2014 
This is one of the very few ministries trustworthy on the internet. Mr. Denlinger has done his homework and preaches the word with understanding, dividing the word of God correctly. If you are new to this site you have come to the right place. Do not miss out on Bryan's videos on Youtube listed under kingjamesvideo ministries or husky394xp. I have studied the bible and certain ministries and teachers online for many years and can say that this ministry is genuine. Stop and take the time to use the resources on this site to help your walk with the Lord. I have, and have learned a lot from Mr. Denlingers ministry. Thank you, Bryan, for your diligence and knowledge and love of sharing the Truth.
Reply Dionaea
3:45 AM on June 12, 2014 
Good day Sir. I saw your video on what would happen if the Pre-trib rapture was all a lie. And you said, post-tribbers think all the pre-tribbers will be deceived by the antichrist. I wanted to point out that there are many post-tribbers who do not think you will be deceived by the antichrist at all. There is something else some believers are far more concerned about. If you like, you can address this also in your videos.

First of all, a lot of post-tribulation believers are not Christians - meaning we don't live the Christian lifestyle with church on Sunday, Easter, Christmas etc, and also, we follow all instructions in both the old and new testaments.

There are two dangers I've seen that can easily deceive most pre-trib Christians immediately:
(1) Popularized images and descriptions of the Rapture
(2) Popularized images of Jesus Christ

(1) I have seen the pictures depicting people floating up into the sky, towards a shining figure of the usual image of Jesus Christ. What do you think will happen if tomorrow, people start floating towards the sky? Pre-tribbers will believe the Rapture is happening, and will run to join in. The problem with this, is the possibility of fallen angels ("aliens") causing a mass deception by taking people up into the sky and possibly into space ships. As a Christian I trust that you believe fallen angels are real, and that aliens are actually just fallen angels. There is a plan for such a deception, please read on.

(2) Even worse is the popular long-haired, sweet-faced image of Jesus Christ that is everywhere and has already deceived millions. This is the same image that is seen in every rapture picture - He stands up in the sky while His people float up to meet Him.
The problem is that this image of Christ is not Christ at all. Please search google for "Lord Sananda". He is a high ranking fallen angel who goes by many names and appears to MANY people, including Christians, I fear. (However many non-believers know and worship him e.g. Hindus, New Agers). HE is the one depicted in countless artwork as "Jesus Christ". It seems crucial to denounce this fallen angel and the images of His face, and to follow the Ten Commandments on this issue - don't try to make any images of Christ.

How great do you think the deception will be, if this Christ image (or a live broadcast of Lord Sananda) is projected into the sky? Advances in technology have already made it possible for realistic holograms to be projected in any place, and into several places at once. And there is a project being spoken of, which you need to know about - please search the term "Project Blue Beam". As a Christian, you no doubt believe that there are powerful people with big plans in store for the world, which include a one-world government - and many other things.
If, however, people are NOT looking for a pre-trib rapture, then they will absolutely not believe in any false appearing of "Christ", or in any event where people are floating into the sky. This is what has got some of us, your post-trib-believing brothers and sisters, more concerned about this pre-trib teaching. I think it's important to denouce these false Christ images that are everywhere, and pay attention to the description of Christ in Revelation 1.

And above all, do not believe in anything you may see in the sky or elsewhere, that claims to be Christ. He warns us in Revelation 24 of false Christs and says specifically that if anyone tells us He has come, "Follow them not". He didn't just say not to BELIEVE it, He also said, DON'T GO THERE! When He truly arrives, at the last trump, everyone will know it is Him. It will fit all the descriptions in Revelation. He will return as a triumphant King with armies ready to do battle, not as Lord Sananda floating in the sky, with his arms wide open and a gentle smile.

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